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The Greatest Vape is a family owned Vape Shop/Electronic Cigarette retailer located in Lethbridge, Alberta, and we're open 7 days a week. 
We are located at 738 - 23 St. N, firmly planted in the Norbridge Pharmacy strip mall between the liquor store and the tire shop.

We opened in November, 2015 and have slowly but steadily built up a number of loyal, and pretty damn awesome customers.

Our goals for our shop;
We want every customer to feel comfortable in our shop from the moment they walk in, to the time they leave.
Whether it's to stop by on their way home for a quick purchase of their favourite e-juice, to sit down and visit while sampling the various flavours or to get educated instructions on the purchase of their first starter kit.  We want our customers to have an experience that makes them feel excited about their new purchase.

Our products are chosen with the customer in mind.  We try to carry products that are not only popular, but with enough of a variety to give you several choices. 
Our e-juice is the same, we try our best to get the popular brands and are always looking for the next great flavour.

Jason - Owner, operator and former smoker who gave up that nasty habit by way of vaping.  His wife thinks he smells way better now and she doesn't have to listen to him hacking up a lung any more.

Riley - Co-owner and son of Jason & Kelly.  The one who convinced Jason to quit and got us started on the idea of going into the vaping business.

Kelly - the wife, Mother and resident bean counter, who will occasionally stop by after a stressful day at work to relax in the great atmosphere of our little vape shop.

Cassidy - who's part of the family, but not part of the shop because she's having way more fun planning her next trip.